CaroGen is developing a pipeline of innovative and transformative immunotherapies for various diseases of high unmet need

  • Chronic Hepatitis B Viral Infection (CHB) in collaboration with Yale School of Medicine and Albany Medical College
  • Colon Cancer Immunotherapy in collaboration with researchers at the University of Connecticut
  • Ovarian Cancer immunotherapy in collaboration with scientists from Yale Medical School
Pipeline of innovative and transformative immunotherapies


Worldwide, approximately 240 million people live with CHB and 600,000 die each year from HBV-associated liver disease and cancer. The hepatitis B program is CaroGen's lead program and has completed initial proof-of-concept testing in animals which was published in August 2015 in the Journal of Virology. The HBV program has selected a clinical candidate capable of stimulating the immune system to multiple HBV target antigens.

Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

It is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. CRC was estimated to have caused over 49,000 deaths in 2016. CaroGen has embarked on a collaborative effort on CRC with prominent scientists from UConn Health. Proteins have been selected for VLV-based delivery and are undergoing lead optimization.

Ovarian Cancer

It is the 5th most common cause of cancer deaths for women in the US. In 2015, there were ~161,000 deaths worldwide with ~14,000 in the United States. In collaboration with Yale Medical School, CaroGen has begun investigating the utility of our VLV-based platform in the treatment of chemotherapy-resistant and recurrent ovarian cancer.