Oncology: CARG-2020

Prevention and treatment of tumors recurrence

CARG-2020 DNA Plasmid Designed to Target Multiple Pathways

First in class oncolytic artificial virus delivering three immuno-modulators – IL-12/IL-17RA/shRNA-PD-L1 – to create a broad spectrum of activities
Preclinical safety and efficacy demonstrated in multiple animal models using different routes of administration:
  • Colorectal cancer (intra-tumoral and intravenous)
  • Ovarian cancer (Intra-peritoneal)
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma (intra-tumoral)
  • Breast cancer, brain cancer and melanoma animal studies are ongoing (intra-tumoral)
Demonstrated robust efficacy in preclinical studies to date:
  • Regression of large tumors
  • Prevention of tumor recurrence in both CRC and ovarian cancer
  • Abscopal effect (efficacy against distal, un-injected tumors)
  • Activates broad immune responses through multiple mechanisms of actions
  • Significant impact on survival
Multiple efficacy animal studies in breast and melanoma models are in progress.
Current focus on Intra-tumoral delivery:
  • Pre-IND meeting with the FDA held on December 2021
  • IND is planned to be filed with the FDA in Q2, 2024
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