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Hepatitis B Virus Global Statistics

• 2 Billion people have been infected (1 out of 3 people).

• 240 Million people are chronically infected.

• 10-30 Million will become infected each year.

• Chronic HBV infection is the major cause of hepatocellular carcinoma

• Over 500,000 people die each year from HBV and its complications


Global Market for HBV Drugs

• HBV anti-viral drugs: $3.1 Billion will hit $4.4 Billion (2019)

• Drugs do not cure chronic disease

• No FDA approved and marketed therapeutic vaccine


 Global Market for Vaccines

• Human and animal vaccines: $25 Billion and projected to grow to $100 Billion (2024)

• Hepatitis B virus vaccines: $1.0 Billion and projected to grow to 1.8 Billion (2018)





The Company has secured more than $3 million to fund its vaccine development and operations. Most of the financing has come from Connecticut Innovations (, followed by G. P. Healthcare (, Shandong Province, China; and from non-dilutive funding sources such as grants and awards.


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